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Revolution 2.0, phase two

In Egypt, Jan25 on February 15, 2011 at 12:41 am

For Egypt’s workers, the revolution is not just about an image or an emotion. It is about concrete demands, based on their concrete experience of what it is like to go without food, to be unable to pay for their children’s education, and to witness at first hand the corruption that illicitly breeds obscene levels of wealth. And it is rooted in their experience of mounting countless “illegal” actions that have united their communities, built bridges with other forces within Egyptian society, and demonstrated many times over how sheer force of numbers could overwhelm the repressive apparatus of a regime that was looking increasingly neurotic and out-of-touch.

An initial attempt to assess the achievements to date of the 25 January revolution, by looking at the two opposing figures of Wael Ghonim and the Egyptian working class.

Read the rest at Le Monde diplomatique English edition.


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