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The Al-Ahram Years

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In the early 2000s, I contributed occasional articles to Al-Ahram Weekly (Cairo).

Here are links to some of my pieces from that period that seem worth saving from oblivion:

Speed reading (18-24 April 2002)

Rod Liddle: my part in his downfall.

Untried, untested (11-17 July 2002)

An article on the failed attempt to use the recently established universal jurisdiction of Belgian courts to bring Ariel Sharon to trial for the 1982 massacres in Sabra and Shatila. Includes interviews with Vincent Van Quickenborne and Dyab Abu Jahjah.

From Boston to Babylon (3-9 October 2002)

A snapshot of the state of the UK Green Party in 2002. Interviews with low-level radiation specialist Chris Busby, economist Molly Scott Cato, and former Indian CP organiser Sinna Mani.

Permanent War (15-21 April 2004)

To mark the first session of the BRussells Tribunal on the Project for the New American Century, I put together a package of interviews with organisers Lieven de Cauter and Hana Al-Bayaty, and contributors Immanuel Wallenstein and Jim Lobe. This page also provides a link to Lieven’s interview with Jacques Derrida.

‘The Last Jewish intellectual’ (14-20 October 2004)

A tribute to the late Edward Said, one of the Weekly’s emblematic authors.